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Stop the USPS from Stealing your Mail Box Customers

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We knew that when the USPS requested that some PO Boxes be placed on their Competitive Price List it was not just to test higher prices.  It was the beginning of a government assault on the Private Mail Box business and that Commercial Mail receiving Agents (CMRAs) were their target.  AMPC, along with individual stores and other related organizations supported the effort to warn the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) that, although the mail and parcel industry could not object to prices going up for PO Boxes, enhancements to the the PO Box services must be put to public comment before implementation.

The PRC agreed with AMPC and other commenters.  From Order No. 473:

“if the Postal Service proposed to offer ancillary services to P.O. Box Service, those issues would be addressed in future proceedings.”

In a desperate attempt to cover mismanagement, the USPS managers have been assigned the task of getting new revenue no matter how it may affect the private sector economy.  The latest attempt is to allow ancillary services such as email notification, the use of the Post Office street addresses, acceptance of private carrier packages, the use of the  “#”  address designation.

Moreover, as a direct affront to the regulations that are imposed on CMRAs, the USPS will allow the use of the Change of Address forms and processes for former PO Box renters.

Customer Agreement for PO Box Services

USPS letter introducing new PO Box Services

This effort to use the tax and marketing advantages of the United State Postal Service to attack the livelihood of hard working families is un-American at the least and illegal  in its implementation.

We need the help of individual shipping stores to fight this battle.  Begin by joining us, now.   We will keep you informed of our progress and let you know when and how to take action against this government takeover of your business.

We cannot let the Postal Service steal our mail box customers.


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  • Wow, this is pretty ironic.

  • Thank you for including the Customer Agreement for PO Box Services. This is a disagreeable ‘grab’ on addressing and claims to proprietary symbols. (Reminds one of the nonmilitary idiots who tried to trademark SEAL Team 6 for future revenue and trolling.)
    By-the-way, one of the names for the ‘#’ symbol is octothorpe. Print typesetters used this name when I started in the business.

  • [...] Stop the USPS from Stealing your Mail Box Customers < Blog Archive < Blog | Associated Mail &a…. [...]

  • this will be hard for post offices to implement

  • Since most of the money we make as an Approved Shipper is derived from having to purchases stamps and postage from the USPS. Do they realize they are cutting their own throat if they run us out of business.

    Fortunately, in my case the postal service is so bad that people are beating a path to my door because they are fed up with the counter service and customer service at the local USPS.

    Also, Most of the people out there think the term Post Office only means the USPS and any other postal store can answer for the USPS. The public needs education. In addition I’m tired of being the answering machine for the USPS because it does not advertise it’s phone number in the phone book. Their listing is a 1-800 number under US Govt. listings. Most people never look there and the 1-800 number can’t resolve the customers question about local service with out a huge runaround.

    I guess they will still need us to clean up their confusion. That’s what happens when out of fear for your job,you promote someone dumber than you. eventually you move on and now we are left with that stupidity managing/running the US Postal Service. The USPS is just like a politician they are confused or forget who they are here to serve.

  • I welcome UPS, Fed Ex and DHL deliveries to P.O. Boxes. Mail as a home delivery is an obsolete concept. USPS centralized delivery mainstreams our CMRA product. As I see it, our future customers will have the same choice as parents with school-aged children: public or private? Only our customer base will expand from the high-need fringe of the postal delivery marketplace to virtually every household in America.


  • I was also informed by a Regional Director of the National Notary Association the Post Office is also looking to offer Notary services to boost income.

  • The most common response to our efforts so far is “How can I help?”

    There may be a time to start sending letters, and when that happens, we will draft a suggested letter for you to send to the Postal Regulatory Commission, and possibly, your Senator and Congressman.

    The cost of our memberships in various associations, traveling to Washington D.C. to meet with government and USPS officials, and the staff time to fight these battles are all expensive.

    The best thing to do at this time is to support AMPC by joining us or renewing your membership at the Classic level. More information is at

    You will benefit from the usual discounts, research reports, programs, along with timely information on this and many other issues we address.

  • This offers me another means to receive goods purchased over the internet and shipped to me. I don’t see it as a large attack on private shippers, since most of that market is business to business. What am I missing?

  • Paul, are you a CMRA? This only affects CMRAs.

  • This is an outright attack on the PMB industry. Our store is a border store that depends on our mail box rentals. If the post office begins offering this service at cut-rate pricing, it will be a fight to keep our store open at all. Does anyone have a list of the designated Competitive List area zip codes?

  • Lets us fight this!

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