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AMPC Presents Case for Expanding Private Mail Box Service

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AMPC is now leading the effort once again to make sure that unfair competition to the Mail and Parcel industry doesn’t threaten the businesses and livelihoods of thousands of small business owners.

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On May 10, 2010 AMPC member, director, and store owner Arnie Goldstein testified before the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC)  regarding the expansion of Commercial Mail Receiving Agents should the USPS be granted its request to reduce the delivery days to five, eliminating Saturday delivery.  The PRC is conducting field hearings throughout the country to hear from the public and interested businesses and organizations about the possible impact of five-day delivery of the mail.

AMPC’s position is that if the Post Office Boxes are serviced on Saturday, CMRA Private Mail Boxes must be serviced also, or the USPS will have an unfair competitive advantage.

Two more testimonies concerning five-day mail delivery will be presented on the behalf of AMPC.  The perspective of CMRA customer will be given, and representing AMPC, Jim Kitzmiller, Executive Director of AMPC will testify on June 21, 2010 in Chicago.

Veteran Mail and Parcel Center owners remember the threat that the USPS imposed upon their industry in 1996 when the USPS explored adding packing services – Pack & Send.  At the time AMPC and its members were instrumental in defeating this threat as they led the Committee Against Unfair USPS Competition (CAUUC).

Regarding the PRC decision concerning Pack & Send in favor of the Mail and Parcel Industry, then President of AMPC and chairwoman of CAUUC, Charmaine Fennie stated, “We believe it’s a very fair decision. Our members have expressed a great deal of concern over this issue, and rightly so. Pack & Send goes far beyond the Postal Service’s public service mission of providing universal mail delivery.”

AMPC will continue to represent store owners before the PRC on various issues.

To read the “Transcript Testimony of Postal Regulatory Commission Field Hearing” click here.

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