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AMPC Comments to PRC Regarding 5-Day Delivery

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Reference: Docket No. N2010-1
Request of the United States Postal Service Six-Day to Five-Day Street Delivery and Related Service Changes, 2010

Comments by Associated Mail & Parcel Centers (AMPC)

AMPC is a 28 year old trade association that has represented as many as 3500 mail and parcel stores in the United States along with stores in Canada and Europe. As the advocacy group for this industry AMPC wishes to provide comments to the reference request.

Most of the mail and parcel stores that are members of AMPC are Commercial Mail Receiving Agents (CMRA) which offer enhanced Private Mail Box (PMB) services. This service established in the early 1900’s is an essential service to the public which chooses to get their mail and enhanced services at a private commercial location.

CMRA’s are open on Saturday and distribute mail to their multiple box holders. Many CMRA’s are also participants in the USPS Approved Shipper Program that recognizes the mail and parcel industry as a reseller of postal services. CMRA’s consolidate the delivery of up to 1000 commercial and residential addresses to one carrier stop or Firm Holdout pickup.

The capacity for expansion of consolidated deliveries to CMRA’s is limitless.

AMPC and its members are concerned about the viability of the USPS. Reselling USPS services is an essential aspect of a mail and parcel retail shipping store offerings. The savings that 5-day delivery will give the USPS looks to be necessary and CMRA’s can help with the solution.

CMRA’s must be able to get their customers’ mail on Saturday.

What AMPC proposes is that the network of CMRA Approved Shippers be expanded and that Saturday delivery includes CMRA Approved Shipper locations. The consolidating of delivery to as few as 10,000 points throughout the country could provide Saturday mail to as many as 10,000,000 businesses and residences. And this number may be expandable as CMRA’s add mailboxes to meet increased activity.

This is an increase in efficiency of 10,000 fold and a reduction in Saturday delivery costs to 0.1% of today’s cost for 10,000,000 delivery points.

AMPC recommends that the PRC present this advice stated herein to the USPS for serious consideration.

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